Housing and social inclusion


  • 21% of individuals sheltered in emergency organizations are supported for more than one year, 18% are sheltered for more than two years.
    This indicates a failure in the process of inclusion.
  • To face this deficiency, people are put up in hotel rooms ; yet this costs around EUR 120 million every year in France
  • On the other hand demographic growth is increasing and the number of parents with one or more children has tripled since 2000, as well as the proportion of the workforce.


  • To provide a global multidisciplinary approach.
  • To maintain a continuous dynamism in favour of social inclusion.
  • To help the care beneficiaries take on increasing responsibilities in everyday life, an effective method in regaining self-esteem and achieving social integration.

"Today, the question is: how to cater for families? It is absolutely essential. What if we are not able to adapt and soften explosive situations? Aren’t we preparing tomorrow’s juvenile delinquency?"
SOS regional coordinator in charge of social emergency

Frédéric Bailly
Board member
CEO International Action | Real Estate

Kevin Goldberg
Executive Director - GROUPE SOS International Action


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