Work Integration Social Enterprises


  • Professional training for people facing long-term exclusion from the common job circuits.
  • To restore people’s social integration.
  • To reduce the public costs of unemployment benefits and related exclusion issues.



For every euro invested in a WISE, the State potentially brings in €2.11 in various direct taxes (such as income tax) and saves €1.90 which would otherwise be spent on unemployment benefits.

Those who have been unemployed for an extended period require greater integration. The best way to help individuals integrate and increase their self-esteem is to help them take pride in their work. This is why we make sure that the firms we create are positioned on profit-making markets or in high value­added sectors.

These businesses should be developed in thriving or promising markets, such as catering, business, communication, or design to provide a multidisciplinary approach to social assistance as a common assistance platform for all Groupe SOS’s WISEs.

Career assistance for individuals focus on four areas: job integration and adaptation; comprehensive social support; professional retraining; and support in standard jobs.
Along with the employee and manager, the team is made up of a counsellor specializing in work integration who acts as a reference, orients the employee, and reports to administration and non-WISE firms.

WISE job contracts feature the same legally required clauses as conventional ones.


A REAL SOCIAL IMPACT: French average(2007) VS Groupe SOS average (2009)
- Positive exit rate
- (more than 6 months of work, including open-ended contracts): 38%
- Dynamic exit rate:
- (under 6 months of work, training or promising internships): 52.9% SOS Groupe average in WISE (2009)
- Lasting exit rate (more than 6 months job): 57%
- Dynamic exit rate (under 6 months of work or training): 66% In 2007 in France 108,000 people were hired by a WISE



L’Usine -Fabrique d’évènements corporate event venue

work_integration_1.jpgThis former 19th-century industrial building is now a modern loft for corporate events such as seminars, congresses, company parties, product launches, and presentations.

The site is wheelchair accessible, highly adaptable, and holds from 10 to 1,500 people. It was the first site of its kind in France to monitor C02 impact.

Gourmet bakery catering is available. Our organic caterer uses only seasonal products (see “Té”).


Té -Traiteur Ethique fair trade caterer

First upscale caterer specializing in organic fair trade food.

International and customised menus.

Original, innovative food made from seasonal products.




Events & Communications agency

Strategic recommendations, operational management and impact assessments for all types of events.
Alternacom offers a comprehensive service, from selecting a venue through to communication tools, catering, advertising and transport solutions. The approach aims at creating unforgettable events with limited environmental impact and strong ethical and social added value.




Based in Marseille, Presscode is a creative agency offering know-how in three core fields:
1. Newspaper templates
2. Publishing and graphic design
3. Web design and implementation


Frédéric Bailly
Board member
CEO International Action | Real Estate

Kevin Goldberg
Executive Director - GROUPE SOS International Action


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