"Sleep-off" and "Sleep-in" mobile units

The Needs

For drug users who are still taking drugs and not willing to stop in the short term.



drug addictionTo protect and improve both current and future living conditions in order to weaken an inevitably increasing addiction, slow the social exclusion process and anticipate the cure and post-cure measures.
This involves encouraging “clean” drug use, i.e. through needle exchanges, and Stéribox®3 or substitution treatments under a doctor’s supervision.
The goal is to eventually stabilize substance use, help users take conscience of the reasons behind their addiction and begin social and psychological therapy.



Sleep-In Marseille

Our Sleep-In mobile unit gives homeless or temporarily homeless drug users the chance to find shelter, eat a warm dinner, and have their clothes washed for one night.
At Sleep-In Marseille, drug users question their substance abuse by the welcoming environment and dedicated professional team. By having their essential needs fulfilled, care beneficiaries are more open to discussion and to consider solutions.
The Sleep-In team is also able to direct some of its guests to more suitable organizations, often to psycho-medical organizations.

"Substance abuse is not unavoidable. Any drug user is able to put an end to his or her addiction if given the means to do so. Our job is to try to keep the damage caused by drug consumption reversible and to encourage drug users to look after themselves in order to preserve their chances for the future."

Frédéric Bailly
Board member
CEO International Action | Real Estate

Kevin Goldberg
Executive Director - GROUPE SOS International Action


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