Drug rehabilitation retreat

The Needs

For drug users who have stopped taking drugs or are on a substitution treatment.



Curing substance abuse through long-lasting multidisciplinary work (medication, education, psychology, and work) and encourage renewed social and professional inclusion.



the drug rehabilitation retreat of Mas Saint Gilles


Located in a remote area, this medically-mat thibertsupported retreat is a place where former drug users can fight withdrawal symptoms through diverse professional, therapeutic and leisure activities.

The retreat welcomes individuals aged over 25 and the average stay duration is one year, as the idea is for the care beneficiary to redefine his or her place and take growing responsibilities within the community.


"Substance abuse is not unavoidable. Any drug user is able to put an end to his or her addiction if given the means to do so. We make sure that the damage caused by drug consumption remains reversible and that drug users look after themselves in order to preserve their chances for the future."



The La Corniche drug rehab retreat for minors

 Located in Marseille, La Corniche was designed to help disoriented youth aged 14-22 facing substance abuse in finding a new mental framework. While they are rebuilding their personality, they are particularly vulnerable. Therefore it is essential that they be separated from older drug users. They must be completely drug-free in order to enter the program, which lasts five months on average.
The program consists of regular medical checkups along with psychotherapeutic activities. Care beneficiaries become familiar with daily tasks again, normalize their sleep patterns, and combat withdrawal symptoms.

Frédéric Bailly
Board member
CEO International Action | Real Estate

Kevin Goldberg
Executive Director - GROUPE SOS International Action


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