AIDS tests

The Needs

For men engaging in homosexual intercourses.



The check-point programme is based on the proven fact that AIDS tests are more effective if :  

1. The waiting time between the test and the results is reduced.
2. Audiences are properly chosen and targeted.



On the Le Kiosque check-point, Paris

 The check-Point uses AIDS tests to kick-start prevention. In the framework of a biomedical research program, AIDS tests are carried out more quickly than usual, thanks to new techniques.
A drop of blood is taken from the fingertip and analyzed, and test results are ready within 30 minutes.
While waiting, visitors fill in research questionnaires, helping us identify visitors’ motivations in visiting the check-point. They reveal that not only the test is easier, but the check-point is a unique space to talk about sexuality and oneself.
If the test result is not conclusive, then a second swab is immediately taken, and test results are ready within 72 hours at most. The service is completely free of charge and confidential.

Frédéric Bailly
Board member
CEO International Action | Real Estate

Kevin Goldberg
Executive Director - GROUPE SOS International Action


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