Palliative treatment units

The Needs

For aged underprivileged individuals.


Palliative treatment units are rare, and less accesible for the poor, since being in such units requires a certain level of wealth. Our mission is to provide access to this treatment and decent end-of-life conditions to these individuals.



The palliative treatment unit at Hôpital Jean Jaurès

Groupe SOS started to run palliative treatment units in 2003. In 2008, they were transferred to Hôpital Jean Jaurès in Paris, run also by Groupe SOS.

This transfer makes palliative treatment in direct contact with follow-up care, rehabilitation, and haematology units. The aim is to meet locally identified needs as closely as possible. In this 60-bed palliative treatment unit, 40 beds are allocated to short stays: these beds are accesible to patients in a critical state but for whom ultimate prognosis cannot yet be determined.

In addition to enabling complete and followed-up diagnosis, it may also be comforting for the family for a while. The remaining 20 are dedicated to long stays for HIV or STD positive patients who can no longer live at home and are ready to end life in the organization.  

The Hôpital Jean Jaurès unit cares for HIV patients to the extent of one thrid and another third is dedicated to patients facing social exclusion.


"Living or even spending some time in a palliative treatment unit is very difficult. This is why it is essential that we do our best, for the patients to feel comfortable and emphasize a personalized approach."
Groupe SOS local delegate

Frédéric Bailly
Board member
CEO International Action | Real Estate

Kevin Goldberg
Executive Director - GROUPE SOS International Action


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