Volunteer mentoring - Parrains par'mille

The Needs

For youth lacking family support, but not extreme situations.



To prevent such problems as social disconnection, family problems, and school difficulties.

Foster familyParrains par' mille is a local volunteer mentoring organisation. Each child is assigned one or two mentors. The concept can be easily duplicated everywhere. It involves:

1/ Creating a local chapter made up of three volunteers (1 manager, 1 treasurer and 1 psychologist).
2/ Finding and briefing mentors and assessing their motivations before they sign the ethics charter.
3/ Having other volunteers monitor the child/mentor relationship.
4/ Helping the child with schoolwork, boosting their self-confidence, encouraging them to make friends and participate in sports, etc.

Frédéric Bailly
Board member
CEO International Action | Real Estate

Kevin Goldberg
Executive Director - GROUPE SOS International Action


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