Child welfare missions

The Needs

For children facing social, psychological, family, or school problems and declared “in danger” by court decision. These missions are ordered by the judge.



welfareTo reinforce family relations by advising and motivating parents and helping them develop parenting skills. If the mission fails, the child may be placed in a foster family or a children’s shelter.



The child welfare mission in French region Oise

The two beneficiaries, namely the family and children, are interviewed in the association office. Activities are:
- Shared outdoor recreation.
- Home intervention of each educational team member.
- Work groups (i.e. discussion, drawing) with children from different families, discussing and explaining issues they potentially face within their families on a daily basis, such as sexuality or divorce.
- Multifamily workshops.

Capacity: 383 children

Open: 365 days per year

Team: 13.5 full-time jobs (including nine special education teachers, social workers, early childhood educators, and 1.5 psychologists)

Annual budget: €871,000 (1 mission = €249 per child per month), financed by the earmarked budget of the local authority’s child protection services

Frédéric Bailly
Board member
CEO International Action | Real Estate

Kevin Goldberg
Executive Director - GROUPE SOS International Action


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