Our history

From the fight against all forms of social exclusion to services of general interest accessible to all.


In the year 1984, SOS Drogue International (later renamed Prévention et Soin des Addictions, i.e., Prevention and Treatment of Addictions) was created in order to develop a plan aimed at fighting drug addictions. One year later, Habitat et Soins (i.e., Housing and Care) was established to provide solutions to the growing HIV-AIDS epidemic. The disease and its treatments’ evolutions have led the organization to progressively diversify its range of actions, which today includes numerous housing and accommodation solutions for those in need. In 1994, GROUPE SOS created Insertion et Alternatives (i.e., Integration and Alternatives), which was first specialized in the field of social and professional integration, and now predominantly provides solutions for children and minors in various distressing situations (child welfare and child protection).

These three organizations, referred to as the founding organizations, merged in 1995 in order to organize their complementary modes of intervention in a joint effort.


In 1995, in collaboration with the State services and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (a French public group and long-term investor serving the interests of the general public and the country’s economic development), these founding organizations created a cooperative to meet the development needs of French social organizations in terms of real-estate, and to contribute to the implementation of an innovative social housing policy. They also decided to pool several functions (accounting, legal services, finance, human resources…) within an Economic Interest Grouping (called Alliance Gestion, meaning Management Alliance), thus professionalizing the management, consulting and internal control of their activities, and handling significant funds. The group was truly born.


Since the year 2000 GROUPE SOS has accelerated its diversification, either by creating innovative methods in response to the numerous issues of our society, or by incorporating other organizations in difficult situations or seeking growth. GROUPE SOS also became engaged in the fields of integration through economic activity via its network of Work Integration Social Enterprises (2001), early childhood care (2005), consulting in sustainable development (2005), hospital administration (2008), impact investing (2010), and services dedicated to elderly dependent persons (2011).

Today, GROUPE SOS has 17,000 employees and 495 structures in France and abroad. Through its various activities, GROUPE SOS takes on all forms of social issues and demonstrates that it is possible to build a solid organization capable of creating long-term economic activities whilst at the same time having a strong social impact.

GROUPE SOS provides quality services for all, including the least resourceful.

Frédéric Bailly
Board member
CEO International Action | Real Estate

Kevin Goldberg
Executive Director - GROUPE SOS International Action


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