Child protection

youthBy adapting its actions to each specific case, GROUPE SOS is able to provide educational solutions adapted to individual needs. We also place great importance on carrying out this child protection mission whilst at the same time putting education at the heart of our concerns, and striving to restore and/or maintain family ties whenever possible.

Some examples of actions that GROUPE SOS has already developed:

  • Youth mentoring: accompanying and guiding children, youths and vulnerable families through a network of committed volunteers.
  • Risk assessment: case investigation and educational orientation
  • Assistance, support and housing in care homes for children
  • Education programmes which avoid separating children from their families: Non-formal educative actions, and educative day-care services.
  • Using sport as an educational alternative: educational programs conceived for individual physical and psychological reconstruction, aimed at keeping young people away from high-risk behavior and at helping them to understand the notion of being a part of society.

GROUPE SOS also proposes a range of different solutions which enable delinquent youngsters and highly vulnerable adolescents to receive an education which is adapted to their specific needs. Nobody is born or remains delinquent. Correcting the trajectory of a young (repeat) offender is a lengthy task, but we are convinced that it is, in term, always possible to make him/her an active member of his/her society.

Our educative teams make it a point of honor of restoring a trusting relationship between the young person and adults. Monitoring is based on values and methods which are aimed at building a greater sense of responsibility within the young people whom we accompany.

Frédéric Bailly
Board member
CEO International Action | Real Estate

Kevin Goldberg
Executive Director - GROUPE SOS International Action


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