Sustainable development

sustainable developmentAs it is an actor in the field of social entrepreneurship, GROUPE SOS is naturally committed to sustainable development. The Group intends to uphold a vision of sustainable development in which the human is the central concern, and ecology a means available to all, including those with few or no resources.

GROUPE SOS is also engaged in a comprehensive approach to sustainable development aimed at strengthening its sense of responsibility.

We also run a consulting agency specialized in sustainable development for enterprises and communities.

Our objectives

Developing a range of specific services supported by the expertise of the member enterprises of La Manufacture Durable - The Sustainable Factory.
Integrating the principles of sustainable development into all of our activities in a logic of continuous improvement, with the support of the sustainable development and purchasing departments.

The team

The team is composed of more than 110 people and combines expertise, theoretical reflections, and field experiences through a global and across-the-board approach to sustainable development.

Our approach

Launched in 2008, the sustainable development approach relies on a dual logic.

  • Firstly, several projects are carried out at the Group level: responsible purchases, sustainable buildings, etc.
  • Secondly, local initiatives are encouraged and promoted through the coordination of a network of “SD referees” in order to integrate sustainable development into the daily functioning and the specific challenges of our establishments.

Our approach to sustainable development is the subject of numerous publications :

  • A report on sustainable development is published every three years to depict a comprehensive review of the subject.
  • An Activity Report is published every year in order to highlight the sustainable actions undertaken by the Group

They trust us

Over 400 institutions have already called on the expertise developed by the social enterprises who are members of La Manufacture Durable (meaning The Sustainable Factory), a centre of expertise for enterprises, local, municipal and regional councils, and hospitals in need of assistance and guidance in the deployment and implementation of their sustainable development programs in various fields of intervention, including :

CSR strategy
Training and awareness of employees
Carbon footprint
Climate and Energy Territorial Plan
Travel plans
Low impact transportation schemes
Sustainable territorial economy
Territorial accessibility assessments
Local mobility platforms
Integration through mobility

As they are passionate about current ecological, societal and social changes, our consultants are able to provide a multidisciplinary, comprehensive, and cross-sectorial approach to sustainable development.

At GROUPE SOS, we are convinced that human beings are the primary vectors of any sustainable development project, and the means of action towards profound change.

In parallel to our consulting activities, we seek to understand the issues of today’s society in order to provide effective responses to the unadressed needs of territories, enterprises and citizens.


Frédéric Bailly
Board member
CEO International Action | Real Estate

Kevin Goldberg
Executive Director - GROUPE SOS International Action


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