Retirement homes

retirement homesGROUPE SOS administers a network of 48 housing structures which are entirely dedicated to elderly dependent persons. They are located in the regions of Lorraine, Alsace, Picardy, Upper Normandy, Ile-de-France and Nord-Pas-de-Calais. In partnership with local councils and the State, we are able to open facilities which provide a large number of places which can benefit from social aid and accommodate the most financially vulnerable persons.

Quality services

All of our retirement homes provide quality services at all levels, be it catering, healthcare, entertainment activities or laundry services. We make it a point of honor of optimizing the autonomy and implication of each of our residents from  the moment they first contact us. Moreover, future residents are able to visit different structures before choosing their home-to-be.

Assistance is personalized and the different activities are adapted and organized according to each person’s capabilities. Interactions with the outside world are encouraged, and special attention is given to the well-being of each person within his or her environment.


Our retirement homes provide comfortable, furnished and spacious single rooms, and offer many possibilities for personalizing residents’ rooms.


Our residents remain free to choose their own doctor.

Our team of nurses and carers ensures that the most appropriate care and assistance adapted to each of our residents’ needs is provided.

The medical and paramedical organization is determined by a coordinating doctor.

Grooming services (hairdressing, pedicure, (manicure)….) are provided in all of our retirement homes through agreements signed with external service providers.

Leisure activities

Our multidisciplinary teams provide support and assistance to each resident in compliance with the rules regarding residents’ well-being.

Our entertainment/leisure activities and the openness of our facilities towards  the outside world are a permanent  priority, designed  to maintain the cognitive and physical capacities of our residents, as well as their social ties.

The therapeutic, occupational and cultural activities provided are organized and adapted to each resident’s capabilities (Snoleozen, massage, music therapy, outings …). These activities aim at stimulating the cognitive, intellectual and physical capabilities of our residents. 


Catering is one of the strong points of our retirement homes: we provide our residents with quality traditional cuisine whilst offering a wide variety of balanced meals which are prepared in our own kitchens.

Meals are served to our residents individually, in dining rooms with pleasant atmospheres. 

Agreements /contracts

Our retirement homes are approved by regional councils within the framework of their social aid programmes, and are therefore made accessible to people whatever retirement scheme they belong to, and with no minimum financial requirements.

All of our facilities have signed a tripartite agreement with the regional councils and regional health organisations in order to operate an on-going quality improvement process. They are also engaged in a regular internal assessment process. 

Frédéric Bailly
Board member
CEO International Action | Real Estate

Kevin Goldberg
Executive Director - GROUPE SOS International Action


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