Human resources

At GROUPE SOS, we believe that nothing belongs to anyone. The richness of our organization is its employees. With 480 structures and about fifty different professions, GROUPE SOS develops an ambitious and unifying human resources policy that is consistent and in line with the values that it upholds.  

Supporting the Group’s evolution

In a context of rapid change, be it internal or external, it is absolutely essential to support, maintain and develop a strong culture of social entrepreneurship, which is the foundation of our HR culture. Our purpose is to carry out our various activities in a manner which is consistent with our policies. 

Attracting and retaining talents

The development of GROUPE SOS in new territories and fields of activity calls into question the notion of talent: Should we be aiming at recruiting tomorrow’s directors today? Yes, but not only that. Our priority is above all to ensure that the Group has the right resources at the right places and at the right time. Evoking talents is knowing how to identify and propose projects to the right candidates, those persons who have potential and rare resources, in an ever-changing labour market. It is also a case of identifying and attracting candidates who have the right skills for social entrepreneurship.

Encouraging personal development amongst employees.

With a workforce that is continuously growing, a rich and diversified set of skills are concentrated within the ranks of GROUPE SOS. But the evolution of our jobs/skills, increasing competition and regulatory changes require constant monitoring and maximized development of resources. Whilst global management is a priority, it is also important to consider individual trajectories in order to ensure that each person finds their place within the organization and is able to consider their long-term future within the group.

As such, it is today necessary to:

  • Maintain an excellent level in management at all levels and in consistency with the values of our Group and those of social entrepreneurship in general.
  • Have an adequate amount of updated strategic job skills. 
  • Offer opportunities for evolution and mobility which are adapted to one and all.

The richness of our organization is its employees. We therefore make every effort to develop their career management and career opportunities in a way that is consistent with the projects and values that GROUPE SOS advocates.

Stimulating social innovation

The social conception of GROUPE SOS does not differ from the way we conceive the teams that operate within our organisation.

As such, it is today necessary to:

  • Implement a policy which is committed to managing diversity.
  • Develop an active policy in favor of employee welfare and well-being
  • Optimize the available means for the social support and assistance of our employees.

Frédéric Bailly
Board member
CEO International Action | Real Estate

Kevin Goldberg
Executive Director - GROUPE SOS International Action


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